About KP

According to my sister, and I quote, “KP didn’t really start living until she turned 40″.  All because a freak accident knocked me on my ass (literally) ten days after my 40th birthday. The next 2 years were spent healing the physical wear and mental tear of a crushed ankle, broken leg, 2 surgeries, weeks of bed rest and months of therapy.

Life lessons were learned in record time. I took my first self-help course. I got a tattoo. I learned to meditate. I examined my relationship with my parents, my husband, my self. I quit my job. I took an active interest in politics and current events. I realized my white privilege and learned the word intersectionality. I ended toxic friendships. I took better care of cherished friendships. I gave up guilt. I found my voice. I began this website.tongue

Was it a midlife crisis? Was it an awakening? Whatever it was, it’s still happening. This journey may have started with an accident, but where it ends will be intentional.

BIO: KP writes to connect the world, one person at a time. She’s an award-winning copywriter and blogger who’s been published on Time.com, PAMP.com and EROC.com. She believes in true love, equality, strong coffee, cold beer, a good book, laughter and magic. She lives with her husband, two children, and Bob-the-Cat in beautiful (but insanely overpriced) Palo Alto, California.