About KP

KP wants to be a writer. Some may argue that she already is. But that’s neither here nor there. She’s decided to write this blog, so I guess that settles it.

Why the blog, you ask? Well…it all started 10 days after she turned 40. While holding a scalding Starbucks coffee, and wearing 3-inch wedge sling backs (super cute BTW), she took a tumble, resulting in a broken leg and severely smashed ankle. Here we are 2 years and 2 surgeries later. With so much to tell.tongue

She sat on her gray couch recovering, just watching the world go by. With nothing to do but listen. Reflect. Judge (if we’re being honest here). And grow. Some might call it a midlife crisis. Other may call it an awakening. Whatever it is, it’s only the beginning. This journey may have started with an accident, but where it ends will be intentional.

This is the story of the fall that broke her.

Kristen Podulka (KP) writes to change the world. Because all it takes is one person and a pen. She’s an award-winning writer who’s been published on Time.com, blogged for PAMP Parent’s Club, and authors two of her own blogs: whatskpcooking.com and whatskpthinking.com. She believes in true love, equality, strong coffee, cold beer, a good book, laughter and magic. She lives with her husband and two young kids in sunny Palo Alto, California.